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Who is Doctor Bored ?

Drawing beautiful ladies since he was able to hold a pen, Doctor Bored, a Parisian footwear designer, decided in 2019 to unveil his own imaginary world filled with pin-ups coming straight out of a mid-twentieth century cartoon. Taking inspirations from Tex Avery, John Willie or Dita von Teese, his ultimate muse, he created these retro bombshells with red lips and long lashed side gazes.

Although Glamorous and coquettes, his Boredettes are empowered creatures wearing corsets and fully fashioned stockings. They sometimes play the damsels in distress but only to keep you guessing, unbothered on their vertiginous heels.

Doctor Bored 2.JPG

In Spring 2022, Christian Louboutin and Doctor Bored joined forces on a limited edition "Pin-up collection" of luxury footwear and bags. To promote this exclusive capsule, the illustrator took part of three events in different Christian Louboutin shops in Paris, and at Harrod's in London. Customers could get exclusive hand drawn illustrations on the lids of their boxes. He is the first artist invited by Louboutin to draw on their boxes. A dream come true !

As his ultimate muse, Dita von Teese is omnipresent in Doctor Bored's work. They met in 2018 at her show in Paris and started corresponding on social medias. 

With the kick-off of her latest European tour "Glamonatrix", 

the Queen of Burlesque and the artist worked together on the design of a pair of exclusive enamel pins available on her many sold out shows around

the continent. You can now shop the set here !

Christian Louboutin x Doctor Bored .JPG
louboutin x doctor bored .png
Dita Von Teese x Doctor Bored.jpg
Dita Von Teese x Doctor Bored 2.HEIC

In 2020, he started releasing exclusive merchandise such as postcards, calendars and enamel pins.

Christian Louboutin x Doctor Bored8.JPG
Christian Louboutin x Doctor Bored Pinupina 130 .JPG
Christian Louboutin x Doctor Bored7.JPG

During the Summer of 2022, Christian Louboutin reopened his famous "Exhibition(niste)" in Monaco's Grimaldi Forum. The Chapter 2 of this outstanding exhibition showcased his collections from the early nineties to Spring 2022, including several models from the Pin-up collection designed in collaboration with Doctor Bored. 

Most of the models, including the famous Pinupina 130 in a new baby pink color, were displayed in the infamous "Granny room", decorated in fetish themed, Pierre Molinier inspired tapisseries.

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